Jeff Mayweather Gives Reliable Take On His Nephew Floyd

I wrote some nice things relating to the Pinoy Power series and it comes to bite me on the tush. The co-main for that inaugural event is Cuban Odlanier Solis vs, American Kevin Smith. What am I missing here? It's supposed to feature Pinoy's, right?

Pacquiao Vs Mosley Fight Is When!


"Manny Pacquiao, within the weight division, there's just one better at punching. Brandon Rios, in her division, there is no one better at this particular punch. This will be one of the highest fights we've ever seen," Foreman noted.

As with most awards shows, one might expect how the nominees throughout these categories will win the additional ones. For example, LeBron, Cabrera, Peterson and Phelps are all up for "Best Athlete" awards within their respective sports. The same goes for that females.

Number your. Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez had no chance to stay the universal number 2 P4P fighter after losing to Floyd Mayweather, Junior. last month. Expect Juan to come back to the lightweight division where he may give us a few more great fights before hanging inside the gloves.

In instantly part of my interview with Farhood we prevent your ball rolling and the some characters near or at comparable thing weight class as Floyd and Manny. From Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s upcoming title shot, Saul Alvarez's star appeal, the recent Timothy Bradley-Amir Khan fallout, the potential for a Miguel Cotto-Kermit Cintron showdown along the road, and a lot more, Farhood was candid with his delivery and insightful, is actually always the.

Incidentally, Mayweather said at the podium in New York on Tuesday, that he "has never said Pacquiao is cheating". But the contrary is evidenced in this video he recorded on UStream several months ago.

Is having three fighters tied for your top ranking in the sport a copout? Maybe it is. but until this mess gets Manny Pacquiao taken care of there's no clear hierarchy. Pacquiao has the buzz as well as the attention, but my eyes saw Marquez beat him in their last see. Mayweather was the incumbent, but his hiatus leaves his status accessing. Taking Mayweather vs. Marquez and Pacquiao vs. Cotto and turning it into a tournament with info facing each other is sizzling hot to resolve this clutter.

Number step 1. Manny Pacquiao. Manny still sports ths number 1 spot on all lists except for Yahoo's (he is number 2). If he drops the deal with Cotto, then expect Mayweather to function new number one P4P fighter in massive. Alternatively, if he defeats Cotto, not even Yahoo is actually able to question his status as the number 1 fighter. Examine what Pacquiao and Mayweather accomplished against common opponents, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya, did not take long baffles your head as to why the Yahoo voters downgraded him.

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